Gleam offers advice and efficient cleaning and sanitation chemicals and dispensing systems for catering, housekeeping and laundry operations within Aged Care Facilities.

Whether for housekeeping, warewashing or laundry, Gleam’s systems provide economical controlled dispensing, eliminate wastage and spillage, protect staff and save space and hassle. Designed to deliver excellent savings at cost per use level our aged care systems will not only result in enhanced user safety and labour savings, but will also help control your costs.

The safety of our customers and their clients or patients is of paramount importance to us. Gleam are able to provide a range of products that is classified as nonhazardous by WorkSafe Australia.

Furthermore our systems are designed to eliminate the lifting of heavy weights, minimise user contact with chemical concentrates, and eliminate or minimise risks. All products are clearly labelled and colour coded and language-free icons are used to ensure mistake-free use.