Gleam - Elias Chiha

Elias Chiha, dec


30 Years of Experience

Gleam began in the early seventies as a backyard business with one delivery van. Through Elias Chiha’s tireless efforts and inspiring vision, the business grew rapidly. Teaming up with one of Australia’s top chemists, Elias introduced new innovative formulations to his range of chemicals shifting Gleam from its humble beginnings to one of Australia’s leading suppliers of cleaning and sanitation products.

We are one of the leading developers of cleaning and sanitising products and services for hospitality, institutional and industrial markets in Australia today. Gleam has a long history of cleaning and sanitation. Today it develops and markets a wide variety of products and services.

Everything has to be Cleaned

Gleam meets the cleaning and sanitation needs of hospitality, institutional and industrial markets. Its complete offering of products include products and systems for: warewashing, laundry, housekeeping and janitorial. We understand that every one of our customers are different and for that reason we are continuously restructuring our products to suit the individuals needs.

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Our Products are Guaranteed

Our Products are Guaranteed to produce the best results, and our Customer Service Representatives work around the clock, on call, 24 hours a day to ensure those results. We look forward to showing you how we can add value to your operation through the implementation of responsible and comprehensive cleaning and sanitation programs.